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What's one to do when the heart and hands enjoy words and fabric, the pattern of paragraphs and quilts to an equal enthusiasm? To solve my dilemma I'm writing the print that stirs me and sharing the journey of blending fabrics into quilts and wearables, the discovery of old--be it quilts or friends, and the pleasures of today. Come...have a visit with me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's a super day...

Julia Cameron is one of my favorite creative authors. She speaks in her book THE ARTIST'S WAY (Tarcher/Putman Press) of giving our self an artist' date--a window of time to enjoy the beauty of God's nature and the wonders of the creative people we find. Such was my day Saturday. I hope my day will engage you to give yourself an artist's date--just with you.

Our small local library has a once a year yard sale, selling endless varieties of books for pennies on the dollar. Seemed like a perfect date for me! I drove down to the sale early and fit into the crowd. I'm one of the folks "that never saw a book I didn't like" so selecting books for myself and assorted family members ranging from the best cooking to history was easy. Oh,I might add, part of the fun was people watching. Young and old scurried by the loaded book tables, eagerly looking for a favorite bargain, adding each new find to their cardboard holding boxes."Anybody found something on golf?, on bridge?" played from one group to another. Next came the long checkout line. No big deal--it was a beautiful day and chatterly conversation was plentiful.

Second in the artists' date was a trip to Comfort, a small hill-country town down the road from San Antonio. This Saturday's big event was an antique show in the town park. Buzzing with vendors selling fabulous wares, people were everywhere--standing or sitting on the main street benches, each telling their favorite stories. Laughter and joy filled the air. What fun to enjoy the varied voice decibel's while meandering in and out of old buildings, sharing the day with George. The best find for me was a fabulous knitting shop (and I'm a major beginning knitter).Check out The Tinsmith's Wife ( for a fabulous selection of yarns and workshops. And to complete my artists' date we previewed a friend, Delia Hunt's one woman art show--SO GOOD! Congrats! my friend. Check her out:

Home again and a quick stir-fry (really stir-steam!) of as many vegetables as I could put in a pan. I recently read a book describing how our moms cooked for flavor; we cook for health. How true-how true; we all think more about food for health than "yummy." Wish we could think more in the first direction, but issues--heart, osteoporosis, etc. We must be as health conscious as possible.

Well...that was my artists' date. Can't wait to hear about yours.

And my favorite book of the day: another Julia Cameron book, THE RIGHT TO WRITE.
Great prompts and invitations into the writing way. Penquin Putnam Inc., 1999.

And a favorite scripture. "Come unto to me, all of you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Matt. 11:28. What comfort to hear Christ's words.

til later,


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