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What's one to do when the heart and hands enjoy words and fabric, the pattern of paragraphs and quilts to an equal enthusiasm? To solve my dilemma I'm writing the print that stirs me and sharing the journey of blending fabrics into quilts and wearables, the discovery of old--be it quilts or friends, and the pleasures of today. Come...have a visit with me.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


                  Serendipity as defined by Webster: the ability to make fortunate discoveries by accident.

                 Such has been the essence of this day. Isn't it amazing how unexpected events form our days? Today (and it is only noon) has taken the  most unexpected pleasant turns--Serendipity X 5! I hope you can say the same.

           First, I slept later than usual. This is a rare event in my household, as hubby thinks the day begins with sunshine. I must have a bit of Cinderella in me as I enjoy the opposite clock--late nights. My creative spirit gets stronger, as if at an evening ball, until the clock strikes midnight. Last night was such a night. Getting ready for Sue Spargo's primitive needleart workshop next week (hosted by Quilting Adventures) pushed my night energy. I connected colors and textures and played with the symphony of creative fabric and thread possibilities until the wee hours.  Then predicted rain drops fell on the roof in the middle of the night and the morning darkness begged me to stay snuggled abit longer. Serendipity X 1.

            Mid-morning pushed me through the rain to town errands. The clock read early for my writer's meeting at 1 pm, so I decided to work at the library through the remaining morning hours. What fun! I've always imagined the ideal world would be a bed tucked in between book shelves, so to compute between the shelves was a second best choice. Serendipity X 2.

              Adding to the good fortune, I sat at a table opposite end to a computer guy. I could tell he knew about computers--he had a nice laptop, two cell phones, notebooks and pencils. He wore a baseball cap and a close beard. AND, I had a computer question.

            I put on my dumb hat (it comes with my package!) and said "I'm having trouble with this DVD. Do you know what I need to do?" Did I hit lucky! Ten minutes later my encoded? (whatever--anyway, it had to be downloaded) package was user friendly in my computer. I was thrilled. And to add to it, I had met a nice guy, studying for his classes at the local community college. Wow! (I bought his lunch in behalf of his good deed.) Serendipity of good fortune X 3.
Serendipity --a kind computer guy comes to my rescue!

           Three days back, serendipity first hit. Labor Day weekend was the bi-annual quilt show for my guild. I entered my granddaughter's quilt at the insistence of friends in my bee. The first morning after the judging,  I confess I was nervous to learn the judges critique of my work. I peaked at my quilt and saw a BLUE ribbon! I was so pleased, not just for me, but for my granddaughter. She's 13 months old and has a blue ribbon! Pretty cool. Serendipity X 4.
Serendipity -- Kate's first quilt!

              And my hubby is searching the back roads of Alabama for long lost relatives (he is a genealogy buff). He calls me and tells me he has found a Kolb Road. Is it possible it could be named after his line--from the 1840's? How random is that! Is this Serendipity X 5??

             And only a day before that we celebrated my sister's b-day! She is the best of the best.
She is the kind that cares for the stranger, loves the neighbor, gives of herself day after day and thinks nothing of it. Her artistic talent also inspires me to build my creative juices. Happy B-Day Fran! For sure, her sisterhood is Serendipity 6!

Serendipity with chocolate and only ONE candle!
              And last week filled with family--my Michael and Kate and their mom and dad. Serendipity--serendipity--blessings just keep happening. And Labor Day lunch with dear friends. Thank you,Serendipity 7!
Serendipity with my dear Lis, Michael and Kate
Serendipity # ?--best of all, the joy of girlfriends

            The day is half done. What lies in store? Is it the little things we observe that make us feel the happiness of serendipity? To focus on the surprises, to be open to receive the blessings and thank God for the goodness of the unexpected. What a great day! --next comes my writer's group. I can't wait--it is only noon.

Til later,

p.s.To your serendipity--to your discovery of the best! Send me a list of your five--or is it seven, maybe nine or a dozen? Enjoy your daily unexpected! I can't wait to hear, and with your permission, I'll share some in my next issue.

And the best read: current issue of Artful Blogging--so much talent, such fun to enjoy these creative spirits

And God's word:He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25

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