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What's one to do when the heart and hands enjoy words and fabric, the pattern of paragraphs and quilts to an equal enthusiasm? To solve my dilemma I'm writing the print that stirs me and sharing the journey of blending fabrics into quilts and wearables, the discovery of old--be it quilts or friends, and the pleasures of today. Come...have a visit with me.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Memorial Day--a reflection of thanksgiving and a delightful beginning of summer. The doors are open on this surprisingly cool summer morning; the breeze is blowing through the house. Breakfast brought fresh berries to the table; the morning walk was in capris and my favorite old big shirt so the wind could blow around my torso.  Ah...the joy of newness, the joy of beginning.

And can it be, almost three weeks ago our family had an awesome beginning. Baby David blessed us with his birth on May 11. ...what a beginning!

 From two "babies" to three and God made the heart big enough to love all without thinking about it. Our family felt as if he had always been. Michael (age 4) and Kate (age 21 months) accepted their little brother as if to say "Finally, he's here.What's the big deal?" And surprisingly, (except for sleep depreviation) we felt the same.

And then, influenced by my daughter's creative cooking skills, I tried my first homemade pizza....a true beginning. I've cooked for years and bought countless pizzas. Why, oh why, had I never tackled my own?

I covered it in artichoke hearts, sliced red pepper, small green onions, tiny cuts of zuchinni, slender tomato slices, lots of spices and three cheeses--mozarella, parmesan and feta.  Yum-yum! Wish we had left-overs.

Yes, today is all about beginnings and this beginning of summer brings out another dimension of my personality. I love theme decorations. So, at this summer's beginning and the celebration of the birth of our great country, the red, white and blue gives me simple decorating ideas. Why not put Uncle Sam and some flags on the table and honor this great country?
                           isn't this a great Americana quilt from IQA show?--artist unidentified
 For me, it is a perfect opportunity to stitch a new pillow and make a small table topper quilt. It's fun to mindlessly embroidery while listening to G tell his family history stories. It's fun to flip through quilt magazines and adapt a design to my stash--such pleasure with so little stress.--and it feels as if I've spent no money. (of course, I know better).

Speaking of beginnings. Last Saturday our lab dog, N.D. (new dog) found himself in the land of beginnings. We decided to give him his annual cut to help him survive the heavy summer heat. Not overly experienced in the role of grooming dogs, (actually, totally inexperienced) G and I looked at each other and said "yea, to save $50.00, let's give N.D. his summer do," So, a bath and cut he got. I was amazed at his patience at our beginnings....G calls him "waffle" now, because his trim is so uneven.

But guess what, N.D. loved it and is definitely cooler. Thanks, N.D., for your patience!

And neighbor friends in their beginnings...Susan is competing in her first triatheloin today. Swim, run, etc. until she proves to herself that she can do it. Quiet impressive.

Annie is enjoying the beginning of her summer in Idaho, away from this Texas heat. Oh my, she describes her day with a 26 degree morning while we are begging to not hit 100 degrees. Our beautiful part of the country is suffering in heat and dryness. We are praying for rain. Enjoy your cool weather, Annie.

So, it is the first day of summer at the last of May. The beginning of firsts can only mean a great summer.

Let's go for it. Let's help those who have lost so much; let's enjoy those we love that mean so much and thank God for giving so much. Share your beginnings. I can't wait to hear.

Love, 'til later,


SCRIPTURE I LOVE: Genesis 1:1 IN THE BEGINNING God created the heavens and the earth.

BOOKS to enjoy: A LINEAGE OF GRACE by Francine Rivers. "Five stories of unlikely women who changed eternity." awesome book of God's women--a reflection of their lives and how they met their tasks. Lis gave me this book and it is a fabulous read. Find will love it.


  1. Alice,
    I like the thought of summer being a new beginning. I wait all year for summer to get here. Yesterday, on the spur of the moment I went to San Antonio for lunch with three teenagers. What a blessing. Thanks for the lovely thoughts.
    PS. You can make pizza dough in a bread maker. It makes delish crust and is so easy!! Let me know if you want the recipe!!

  2. Alice!!! I am SOOO glad you are home and are posting again. And... your ND looks much like our Ava. Hope to see your face soon.

  3. Wonderful beginnings Alice... I so look forward to reading more. Enjoy all the beginnings, and each and every stepping forward.