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Monday, August 22, 2011

Just Across Town

Think I'll spite of it all...

I painfully moved from one house to another. I was sure it was my last move. No more boxes, no more decisions to keep or throw. I was pleased to say "my moving days are finished."

BUT, my daughter missed my mover's vote. She and her family are getting ready for their biggest move yet. Since what feels like only a few years ago, the newly weds perfect Pottery Barn apartment has grown to three children, endless play cars and girl-y stuff, Lego's and you name it, --each change swelling the seams of their home. When the dining room became the babies bedroom they decided to house hunt. Twenty-plus house previews  and purchase, plus a lucky sale of their present home, caused demand for a busy August move. I decided to drive up and help. After all, what's a grandmother for? 

First, I observed, preschoolers don't readily change routine--move or no move. They need play, potty, food, naps or re-direction all the time. Multi-tasking, why not? The calendar post says the movers come Friday. Last time I checked, the china, the books, the closets and endless paraphernalia still have to be packed-- quickly. Not a problem--I came to help.

Since it has been more than a few years since I mothered
pre-schoolers and more than a few years since I moved, to say I'm overwhelmed is an understatement. To calm the nerves I decided to look up moving tips. All the movers offer tips for "no-stress moving." I read the fine print.

First, it suggests "Allow plenty of time for moving. Make the journey a pleasant experience." "...perhaps a packing party or dinner with favorite friends after a day's packing will make the transition from one neighborhood to another easier." Sure, that fits right in to the nap and chicken nugget schedule and the Friday date, for sure.

Second, "Reassure your children." "Allow time in your schedule to include park play, board games, and reading." As grandmother of the year, my parenting comments  fit this suggestion to a T.  "No swimming today--I'm packing." "Do you need to go to your room and play? I'm packing."  "Honey, let's read later--I'm packing."

Third, "Take care of yourself. Don't forget to rest, eat your veggies and make time for your hobbies." This one is easy.
"Yea, we have one slice of pizza left." "Cereal is in the pantry; I haven't packed it yet." Photo scrap booking? Sure, why not tonight?...oh, the photos?.."yea, I packed them in the brown box labeled photos."

Still, the task seemed simple. Pack three bedrooms, a kitchen and den and be on our way. I'm here to help. Then the four year old fell apart crying because I said "no swimming today.  We are packing boxes." And the two year old--well, I just found her in the middle of a tower of books (already packed and now unpacked). Oh, the three month old--time to feed again. And dad's schedule, "I'm working late tonight--the schedule demands I go to the test sight."

The boxes are still stacked. The movers come Friday. But hey, It's only Monday in the neighborhood. And the kids are fed.

Happy packing,


a favorite scripture: Matthew 7:12 So in everything do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and the prophets.

favorite read: Microstyle by Christopher Johnson--how cool, to learn to say "it" in less words.

and a great national writing group --The Story Circle Network

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  1. Too funny...brings back funny and crazy memories........the people that write these tips....Are they from another planet?